• Nationalise The RBS Group and Lloyds TSB immediately. Properly control the funds of these banks, the employees and the bonus’s. Ensure lending to Medium and Small businesses is top priority; cut red tape to do so. Take control of the supply of money.
  • Set up a ‘New Government Bank’ – which does not use the fractional reserve banking system; but acts exactly like the US ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ – apart from this one will be owned by the people of Britain (not privately).
  • With this NEW Money – Pay off the ‘National Debt’ – to – ourselves? Or write it off? Or both!
  • Government to use the New National Bank to buy back some of Britain’s BEST companies.
  • Re-nationalise the rail-networks and update and improve them for High speed and bigger trains.
  • Wage Caps; ensure that people within certain markets cannot earn obscene amounts of money; this includes Banking and Sports industries.
  • Reduce the tax imposed onto Fuel and Oil by at least 50%

Join the NO Party

We are looking for members who want to change the way we live our lives.

  1. The NO Party will codify the British Constitution like the Magna Carta and Bill of rights
  2. The NO Party will reform monetary policy completely.
  3. NO to the ‘War on Drugs’ – We will reform the drug laws.
  4. NO to ‘Illegal Wars’ –We will bring our troops home.
  5. NO to TV Licence – we will make it voluntary.
  6. NO to an ‘Unaccountable Police Force’ – We will make them.
  7. NO to ‘Privatised Energy services’ – We will buy them back.
  8. No Party will Brexit the EU with No deal and No Payment.
  9. NO to the ‘Bedroom Tax’ – We will repeal it.
  10. No Party will remove the rememberancer.