• We will hold a referendum on resigning from the Lisbon Treaty and ONLY use Europe for trade and industry but NOT lawful governance or currency. We can repeal the 1972 treaty and leave the E.U. because OUR constitution says NO government can bind the next to anything.
  • Ban ALL Wars outside of the UK – They are none of our business; bring ALL our troops home immediately who are currently fighting false & unlawful wars mainly in the middle east.
  • Have much tighter border controls and regulations to ensure a more conscionable system for immigration needs.
  • Ban ALL Nuclear Weapons and get rid of ALL remaining stock of them – leave 8 in stock. Delete the Trident project and decommission ALL Nuclear powered subs.
  • We believe that the possession of weapons of mass destruction is wrong at any time. But the idea of committing tens of billions of pounds to replace Trident at a time when there are real threats to the funding of public services is particularly repulsive.
  • Ban the export of offensive weapons and regulating private arms brokers and security consultants.
  • We believe that peace and security can only be achieved through global justice. The world will never be safe while we allow the obscenity of poverty to continue, and while economic exploitation and illegal occupations continue.
  • The growth of ethical and fair trade has shown that many people want an alternative which places human dignity above profit, and which tackles poverty and injustice. It’s time to make all trade fair trade, by reforming the global rules and reining in the power of the multinationals.

Join the NO Party

We are looking for members who want to change the way we live our lives.

  1. The NO Party will codify the British Constitution like the Magna Carta and Bill of rights
  2. The NO Party will reform monetary policy completely.
  3. NO to the ‘War on Drugs’ – We will reform the drug laws.
  4. NO to ‘Illegal Wars’ –We will bring our troops home.
  5. NO to TV Licence – we will make it voluntary.
  6. NO to an ‘Unaccountable Police Force’ – We will make them.
  7. NO to ‘Privatised Energy services’ – We will buy them back.
  8. No Party will Brexit the EU with No deal and No Payment.
  9. NO to the ‘Bedroom Tax’ – We will repeal it.
  10. No Party will remove the rememberancer.