Our Health

  • Improve and Invest heavily into the NHS; get rid of ANY ‘privatisation plans’.
  • Legalise Cannabis growing and use, also promote the wide use of HEMP for a variety of uses.
  • Ban ALL ‘Chem-trails’ in UK Airspace
  • Increase in Pay for Doctors; Nurses, Paramedic’s and ALL NHS staff

Join the NO Party

We are looking for members who want to change the way we live our lives.

  1. The NO Party will codify the British Constitution like the Magna Carta and Bill of rights
  2. The NO Party will reform monetary policy completely.
  3. NO to the ‘War on Drugs’ – We will reform the drug laws.
  4. NO to ‘Illegal Wars’ –We will bring our troops home.
  5. NO to TV Licence – we will make it voluntary.
  6. NO to an ‘Unaccountable Police Force’ – We will make them.
  7. NO to ‘Privatised Energy services’ – We will buy them back.
  8. No Party will Brexit the EU with No deal and No Payment.
  9. NO to the ‘Bedroom Tax’ – We will repeal it.
  10. No Party will remove the rememberancer.